Monday, October 31, 2011

A Dong

A Dong is Mom's favorite restaurant in Des Moines.   As you can see, the location is pretty low key, particularly given the charming neighborhood surrounding it.  But inside the decor is bright, modern, and clean. The service is always very gracious and friendly.

I started with a bowl of beef pho, the Vietnamese noodle soup.  Because I ordered the beef well done, it came already cooked and in the bowl. For rare meat they sometimes let you dunk the meat.  The table salad that goes into the soup shows the quality of the ingredients they use.  Mom thinks that A Dong has the best bean sprouts in town, fresher than anything she can find in a grocery store.  All the flavors in the soup are very clear and distinct.  The broth is very flavorful, which I consider to be the mark of a truly good soup.

Mom and I shared tofu stuffed with ground pork.  The portion was just right and struck for me the balance of meat and vegetables perfect for me.  This dish has just enough meat to satisfy me but isn't too heavy. 

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