Monday, October 31, 2011

Cool Basil

Don't let Cool Basil's strip mall location fool you.  The interior is elegant and the service gracious.  The Thai food here is truly excellent and, to my untrained palate, authentic.

Mom and I started with vegetarian pot stickers and shrimp dumplings.  The pot stickers were fried all around, unlike the bottom-only variety I'm used to, but I enjoyed the crispy and light dumpling skin. 

I had prik khing with tofu.  It has a red pepper sauce that has a unique, grainy texture that I like a lot.  This dish was an excellent example of the dish.  The vegetables had just the right texture.  I ordered spiciness of 4 on a scale of 6.  It was noticeably hot but I didn't cry, so perhaps next time I'll turn up the dial.  

Mom had tamarind chicken with cashews which she also rated as excellent.  The tamarind was more subtle than you would find in an Indian tamarind sauce.  It tasted a little sweet, which surprised me.  The sauce was flavorful but not overpowering.

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